Citizenship, active participation and environment protection are some of the topics of this e-book. The project has been implemented by the Italian EUSALP 2022 Presidency (EU-Strategy for the Alpine Region), in cooperation with the Antonio Megalizzi Foundation, co-financed by the European Commission.

Seven training sessions were held in high schools of the EUSALP countries, held by Claudio Napolitano, an ambassador of the Antonio Megalizzi Foundation, supported by representatives of the Youth Council of EUSALP and other young volunteers from the countries involved. The facilitators used teaching materials specially developed for this initiative.

European history, policies, and institutions, as well as the role of the regions and the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region were among the topics that were addressed thanks to the e-book “Make your voice heard from the Alps!”. The e-book helps to discover Europe and the role of the European Regions, with a focus on the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region. It is disseminated in schools of the EUSALP countries and provides all the tools to become active and aware citizens at a local, national and European level.

The aim of the e-book is to involve young generations in the local, national and interregional decision-making process, in order to shape future development models for the Alpine regions. This is also the objective pursued by the Youth Council, the committee of young people representing the 7 EUSALP countries.

The E-Book is available for free.