to join the macro-regional civil network

Vision statement
No united, prosperous and forward-looking Europe is possible without the active participation of citizens and their organisations in shaping their local environment and regions.

What is the macro-regional idea?
The EU macro-regional strategies seek to bring more closely connected geographical areas to strengthen cooperation allowing stakeholders to jointly address today’s complex economic, social and territorial challenges. There are four macro-regional strategies in the EU: the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) created in 2009, the Danube Region (EUSDR) set up in 2010, the Adriatic-Ionian Region (EUSAIR) established in 2014 and the Alpine Region (EUSALP) founded in 2015 encompassing 27 countries in total, 19 of which are EU Member States with more than 340 million people.

The challenge
Today civil society involvement in EU macro-regional strategies is uneven and rather spontaneous lacking strategic orientation and coordination. There are no systemic contacts among them. The so-called „European dimension” is not a characteristic feature of their thinking.

The answer
Our aim is to empower civil society organisations and like-minded societal entities across the four macro-regions and even beyond under one roof to creatively and systematically participate in and contribute in a pro-active manner to the design and implementation of EU macro-regional strategies. This is achieved by a macro-regional civil network, an open and inclusive pro-European collaborative and legitimate arrangement with an advocacy function. European House Budapest acts as coordinator of the network.

Why join?
The macro-regional civil network gives you the possibility to

  • follow the developments, shape and implement the EU macro-regional strategies, an evolving and promising policy field of the European Union;
  • be part of a Europe-level civil cooperative platform, meet organisations with similar approach, learn from and exchange best practices with them;
  • attend the programmes of the network including the annual Macro-Regional Citizen Agora and Lecture, training and exchange programmes, study trips, field visits and others;
  • participate in programmes and events of the macro-regional structures;
  • contribute to the elaboration of joint positions of the platform on various policy issues;
  • receive regular information on major EU and macro-regional policy developments and funding possibilities;
  • highlight the profile of your organisation in Europe and find the partners for your project idea;
  • discover how partnership functions in practice;
  • learn how to work in a European environment and discover how to be an active European citizen in a macro-regional setting;

Membership fee
Participating organisations pay an annual fee of €20 payable from 2025.

if you are interested to join, please fill in the registration form and send it back to European House Budapest.