How macro-regional strategies can contribute to the reconstruction of Ukraine and to the integration of Ukraine in the European Union

Invitation to a hybrid event
6 June 2023

The Swedish EUSBSR Presidency is organising its final event in Visby, Sweden on 4-6 June 2023. As part of the event a special online seminar will be held on the cooperation between the EUSBSR/EUSDR and Ukraine.

The seminar is a continuation of the Swedish Presidency initiative in December 2022 – the conference Fostering Sustainable Cooperation between the Baltic Sea region and Ukraine – which introduced how the format of macro-regional strategies, such as the EUSBSR and the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR), can foster cooperation with Ukraine.

The first part starts with an overview of the Ukrainian experiences of being member of one of the four macroregional strategy before and during the war and perspectives for the future. This will be followed by updates of the initiatives launch at the conference in December 2022.

Afterwards, a second part will be arranged in the form of parallel workshops on specific themes. The workshops aim to facilitate a dialogue between EUSBSR and Ukrainian stakeholders on needs and possibilities.

Date:6 June 2023
Time:The programme starts at 09.15 (CET) and ends at 12.30 (CET) with a short break between 10.15 and 10.45.   The workshops start at 10.45 (CET) and ends at 12.30 (CET)
Hybrid:A ZOOM-meeting part of the final event of the Swedish EUSBSR Presidency. Some participants will be present in Visby, Sweden.
Moderator:Mr Anders Bergström, Policy Area Coordinator, PA Education, EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region
Registration:At this LINK, at the latest on 2 June 2023 at 16.00 (CET). Please register as soon as possible. The number of participants in the workshops are limited. The ZOOM-link will be sent on 5 June.

Detailed programme