After long and intensive work, Policy Area Spatial Planning approved the VASAB Vision (VASAB: Vision & Strategies Around the Baltic Sea) for the Territorial Development of the Baltic Sea Region in 2040. Policy Area ‘Spatial Planning’ encourages the use of maritime and land-based spatial planning in all Member States around the Baltic Sea, developing a common approach for cross-border cooperation.

VASAB Vision 2040 aims at achieving territorial cohesion in 2040 and seeks answers on how a desired Baltic Sea Region would look like by 2040 and beyond. The document sets long-term territorial perspective for this region and addresses emerging trends, and challenges.

VASAB Vision 2040 also proposes future actions that could be implemented jointly with stakeholders. VASAB Vision 2040 is expected to be endorsed by the VASAB Ministerial Conference on 1-2 June 2023. The Vision 2040 and its accompanying documents can be found HERE.