More than a declaration: the Commission’s White Paper on the future of Europe

15-16 February 2018

The background document of the event was the White Paper and its proposed 5 scenarios for the future of Europe. The lively debate went well beyond the paper and focused on how rising populism shape the future of the EU. The plenary session included inputs from Marco Piantini (Councilor for European Affairs of the Italian Prime Minister) and Roberto Santaniello (Representation of the European Commission in Italy). The debate continued in three working groups: (WG1) How would you put European values such as solidarity, democracy and human dignity into practice?, (WG2) How would you reduce the gap between citizens and the EU institutions? (WG3) How would you increase participation at the upcoming European Parliament 2019 elections? Participants also voted on the 5 scenarios.

These are the final conclusions of the debate with our recommendations on the debate on the future of Europe.

Background documents of the event:
White Paper on the future of Europe with the 5 scenarios
6th scenario proposed by the European Movement Italy