The Central Statistical Office of Hungary published a statistical summary of non-profit organizations. The publication reveals that, according to the latest 2018 data, there are over 61,000 non-profit organizations registered in Hungary. In terms of form and areas of activity, there is nothing new: 20,000 are foundations, while 41,000 are nonprofit organisations. In terms of activities, foundations deal with education (33%), social services (16%) and culture (15%), while nonprofit organisations focus on leisure (21%), sport (22%) and cultural (16%) activities.

On the revenue side, while 87% of the sector is so-called classic nonprofit organisation and only 8% nonprofit company, 54% of total income generated by the sector and 56% of state support goes to nonprofit companies. As a result, 38% of organisations have less than HUF 500,000 (~ €1,500) in annual income, 39% have between HUF 500,000 and HUF 5 million (~ €15,000) , 19% have between HUF 5 million and HUF 50 million (~ €150,000) , and only 4% have over HUF 50 million .

Sad news for the lovers of statistical data that the publication of the Central Statistical Office of Hungary “Nonprofit Organisations in Hungary” will not be published anymore. In any case, we thank the experts for the work they have done so far in the sector.

The publication is available here (in Hungarian):