The EU Strategy for the Adriatic-Ionian Region (EUSAIR) is the last of the four macro-regions with no formal framework of youth participation. To establish one, EUSAIR is holding an online consultation between 22 September – 6 November 2023 to collect the opinions of EUSAIR youth and youth stakeholders. The results of the survey will inform the process of preparing a proposal for the creation of the EUSAIR Youth Council.

Who can participate?

All young people aged 16-29 from EUSAIR participating countries/territories can participate in the open consultation process. In the closed process, youth stakeholders identified by National Coordinators will be involved.

What are the next stepts after the consultation?

Based on the consultation results, the Youth Consultation Task Force, with the assistance of the EUSAIR Facility Point, will develop a proposal for the EUSAIR Youth Council. This proposal will be presented to the EUSAIR Governing Board for adoption.  

How to participate?

Click Here to Participate in the Open Youth Consultation Process