The success of the cohesion policy is key to implement EU’s political priorities. From a public perspective it is an area where the EU’s impact on the daily life of millions of citizens can be manifested and measured.

The Meet the Citizen: My way through the Europe labyrinth information project is a 5-country initiative of the European House Budapest to raise awareness and understanding on the achievements of the EU’s cohesion policy influencing citizens’ daily life using concrete examples.

The project involves the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, massive beneficiary EU member states of the cohesion policy.

But do we know how this money is spent? Can we believe that we, citizens have a say when deciding about the next Multiannual Financial Framework? On what would YOU spend the money?

During the project the labyrinth will be set up in Kecskemét (HU), Kosice (SK), Osijek (HR), Olomouc (CZ) and Timisoara (RO). But this is not all! After the Labyrinth Tour we will return to the five towns to have agoras with the participation of students to discuss the future of the cohesion policy.

Come and join us to learn more on what the EU does in your region!

For more info please visit the project website:

The project is co-funded by the European Union.