The EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) has initiated the process of establishing a so-called Danube Youth Organisations Network (DYON).

The DYON is open to national or regional youth organisations or other entities working on youth issues with a non-profit profile established in the fourteen Danube Region member states.

Once established, the DYON is to offer a platform for youth organisations to cooperate and share their needs and experiences, both among themselves and to the EUSDR governance. The DYON is to be understood as an open network (i.e. not restricted to a certain number of members per countries, and also without an obligation for countries to delegate members to the DYON). Participation of the member organisations is on voluntary basis.

From June until September 2023, youth organisations from all 14 member states of the EUSDR are welcome to indicate their interest in becoming member of such a network through the questionnaire available here.

Organisations will be contacted in autumn 2023 regarding next steps.

For questions, please contact .