Danube Region Programme is launching the first call for proposals which is open from 29 September 2022 till 21 November 2022, 14:00 hours Central European Time. The call is targeted to proposals for projects focused on the programme priorities 1, 2, 3 and specific objective 4.2:

A smarter Danube Region

A greener, low-carbon Danube Region

A more social Danube Region

Increased institutional capacities for territorial and macroregional governance 

Proposals submitted by public or private organisations with a legal personality, established in one of the 9 EU Member States (Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia), and non-EU countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia and Ukraine) participating in the Danube Region Programme, can apply by 21 November 2022 (14:00 CET).

Projects will be funded by the programme’s Interreg fund to a maximum of 80% of their costs. These funds will support research and innovation, transition to greener transport and energy, environmental protection, more secure and inclusive societies, support to smart public services and more.

In order to submit a successful proposal, applicants are invited to consult call documents and participate in events organised in the framework of the call launch. You can find them on this link

The call is organised in two steps:

First step with the expression of interest (EoI) outlining mainly the intervention logic of the proposal and the strategic relevance for the DRP submitted through the programme monitoring system (Jems). No additional documents are requested to be submitted in this step.

Second step with the submission of the completed application form (AF) with the required Annexes through the programme monitoring system (Jems). Applicants can only submit the completed application form (with its required Annexes) in the second step, if the proposal was pre-selected in the first step phase.

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