Youth Forum

A follow-up Youth Forum was held in Bratislava on 17-18 April 2018. The interactive workshops focused on what future holds for the V4 countries and its citizens.

The 20 young participants (5-5 from each project country: Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia) came to the conclusion on the followings:

  • there is a V4 spirit if the question is raised but it is not present in the everyday life of young citizens;
  • V4 should not be seen as something against the EU. It should be seen as an added value such as the cooperation among the Nordic countries
  • The International Visegrad Fund should make additional efforts to ‘advertise’ the V4 cooperation for example by providing scholarship opportunities to student from Western European countries;
  • we should make an effort to understand our (V4) different histories by producing a comparative history book for students.



The programme of the Youth Forum.