Revision of Financial Regulation

The European Commission organised an open public consultation the revision of the Financial Regulation applicable to the general budget of the Union between March-May 2016. The Commission’s aim was to seek stakeholder’ views, opinion and suggestions on the possible simplification of the regulations, clearer accountability framework, prevention of conflicts of interest or the creation of a „Single rule book”.

Civil Society Europe, a platform of Europe-level umbrellas and networks prepared an overview and recommendations to be presented to the Commission.

According to the survey more than half of the respondents (54,76%) to the survey prefer real costs to lump sums, flat rates and unit costs. Among them 77,27% of respondents consider that lump sums, flat rates and unit costs do not cover the real costs. Over a third also things that the system is complicated.

Respondents also agreed that here should be really one book with all rules and applicable to all DGs. The book should be clearly structured, regularly updated and should cover everything from application to auditing. They are not very concerned about who sets the rules, as long as the process is transparent. It is important however to take into account the purpose of the different instruments (eg. financial instruments or procurement versus grants) and the nature of the beneficiaries (in our case NGOs).

The full paper is available here: ResultsRecommendationsSurveyonFinancialRegulation.