Life after Brexit 2

The Director of European House was among the guest of Mr Gajus Scheltema, Dutch Ambassador to Hungary who made a thought-provoking presentation under the title “Life after Brexit” on 27 July 2016. In his view “vox populi” can and should not be considered as the ultimate method leading to a democratic decision. Brexit has already today very different interpretations but what happened in the UK is a loss for everybody and it should lead to a self-critical appraisal by all the parties concerned.

It is too early to judge the consequences of Brexit both for the UK and the EU but cherry-picking is obviously not an option for a country when majority of its citizens decided to leave the EU.

Among the lessons learned Ambassador Scheltema mentioned the pressing need of bridging the gap between citizens and the institutions (a European topic) and introduction of new and efficient EU communication strategy. In this context he spoke critically about the performance of the Representations of the European Commission in the Member States.