European House AGM

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the European House took place in Budapest and was opened by the President Ms Éva Sós who underlined that in spite of the turbulent year of 2015 with several serious challenges both on national (Hungarian) and international (European) levels the EH remained firmly committed to its original mission and continued its multiple activities serving citizens’ interests.

Among the issues raised during the debate were:
* a proposal to intensify the work of the Hungarian Platform for European Integration and Civil Dialogue with more than 60 CSO members; EH was its initiator and acts as its coordinator

* argue strongly in favous of a more citizens’ friendly and inclusive Europe and use the 2016 edition of the EU Citizenship Report for presenting the notion of European Citizenship

* encourage Hungarian CSOs to be active in the various European civil networks and umbrellas

* efforts should be made to develop dialogue among various segments of Hungarian civil society.

The AGM approved the 2015 activity and financial report and the 2016 plans and budget of the EH.