Study on European and Danube identity

danube map

As part of the Building Bridges of Democracy – the Danubiana project European House published a study on European and Danube identity.  The study examines the different interpretations of identities along the river Danube. For more information please visit the Danubiana website:

Download the book in EN: DANUBE IDENTITY



„EUCivis: Civil Europe – Civil Hungary – Civil Austria –Civil Romania”
Books on civil society in Hungary, Austria and Romania


What are the similarities and specific features in the historical development of civil societies in Hungary, Austria and Romania? How can we learn from national practices when we intend to shape a strong, influential and independent civil society on European level? What role can civil society organisations play in responding to challanges of the 21st century? These are only a few randomly selected questions what the authors of three books on history, current situation and perspective of civil society in Hungary, Austria and Romania address and put into a European perspective. A thoughtprovoking reading for all!

Download the books:

Austria: Austria DE  Austria EN

Hungary: Hungary HU Hungary EN

Romania: Romania RO Romania EN