It is our firm belief the modern societies facing new challenges of the 21st century must be based on knowledge. It can not be achieved if it is confined to the formel education process. Therefore we organise various courses, sessions and trainings with life-long learning character on such issues as language learning, IT, public speaking, soft skills or basic financial management.

Our special traget groups are the early school-leavers, the marginalised or disadvantaged. We support and benefit from the efforts of the educational authorities of the EU member states aiming at harmonising and streamlining their activities. We stand for the extention of the Erasmus+ programme to  secondary school students.

The International Higher Education Research Unit (IHERU) is one of our initiatives in the field of education/training.

The creation of IHERU was inspired by Dr. Laszlo Flamm who had been working in the Hungarian higher education sector for 10 years and involved in academic cooperation programmes with countries across the world.

Higher education gains more important role than ever. Demand for quality education, 7 million of globally mobile students by 2020, the “The Great Brain Race”, emergence of new types of hard and soft policy issues are among those challenges which will radically change the global landscape of higher education. Therefore, IHERU enhances cooperation with stakeholders sharing the view that the global competition encourages more countries to go beyond national boundaries, opening up their higher education system to the world and construct together new ideas, products and services.

Because of the growing demand of undergraduates for quality education in Europe, IHERU has created a new service that is offered by the Marco Polo International Education Agency (MAPIEA). The Agency is hosted by IHERU. Further information about MAPIEA can be found on IHERU’s website.