Decoding right-wing populism


Just a quick question:

What do Germany, France, Hungary, Austria, Italy and Poland have in common?

Well, in all these countries there is the fear that right-wing populist parties will turn out to be the real winners in the 2019 European Parliament elections.

Do you want to do something about this? Then come along and join our “De-coding right-wing populism!” project.

Together with 28 young people from the countries listed above we are aiming to ready ourselves to counter populist arguments. For this purpose we will look at questions such as: what actually is (right-wing) populism? How is the current situation in Europe? What factors favour strengthening right-wing populist parties? What can any single person undertake against this phenomenon? Discussing together, comparing situations in our separate countries, working out approaches to solutions, learning from one another – these are all the things we want to do in conjunction with you. And – we want to do it in a creative journalistic way.

In the course of two workshops in Berlin we want jointly to create a multi-media feature, one which will shine a light on the many-faceted phenomenon of ‘right-wing populism’ from a variety of cross-border perspectives: you can choose to do an interview, a short portrait, a feature, a photo shoot or make a video – there are no limits to your imagination.

In the first workshop you will be able to discuss with experts to see how right-wing populism ‘works’, how you can ask the right questions and what you need to watch out for in making a video or at a photo shoot. After this you will have time to start creating, either on your own or in a group – and to capture how in your country right-wing populists go about canvassing or touting for votes, and why they are successful – or not – in doing this. In the second workshop we will then work on compiling your documents into a joint European multi-media feature.

Are you from one of the countries mentioned above and are you between 18 and 26 years old? Then send us your application now!


  • 21-25 March: first workshop in Berlin
  • 10-12 May: second workshop in Berlin and co-creation of a multi-media feature
  • in between: creative working phase

Who can apply?

  • age 18-26
  • country of residence: Germany, France, Hungary, Austria, Italy or Poland
  • interest in right-wing populism, media and being creative!
  • you don’t need to have prior knowledge or a special training on the matter!

How to apply?

Simply send the completed application form to the respective institution (see form). Deadline is 21 January 2019!


In case of your accaptance we charge a one-time participation fee of 49 EUR. We cover your program arrangement, travel expenses, accommodation, and board. You are expected to attend both workshops.

Taking part in both workshops is a pre-requisite. The project is being organised with the kind support of the Allianz Cultural Foundation in Germany.

If you are interested, please send us back the application form.